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Referral Program – Terms & Conditions

1. Henceforth we refer to the customer referring as the “Referrer” and the customer receiving the referral as the “Referee”.

2. All money received by the Referrer and Referee as a part of this referral program will be added to the “Bonus” component of their wallet.

3. For every referral, the Referrer get 5% and Referee will receive 100% of the Referee’s first deposit, up to a maximum of Rs. 100. Hence a Referee depositing only Rs. 50 for the first time, will lead to both him and his Referrer getting Rs. 2.5 in their bonus money accounts.

4. This is valid only for the Referee’s first deposit, however small or large it may be. No further deposits made by the Referee will be applicable for this bonus.

5. For further deposits made by the Referee, an amount up to 5% of every deposit will be given to both the Referrer and the Referee.

6. IndusGames is entitled to terminate and reinitiate this referral program or any other referral program at any time as per their preference.

7. Bonus money is not available for gameplay in private leagues.


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