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Welcome to, India's finest fantasy sports skill gaming platform.

Indus Games is all about letting you create and own your team within a budget of 100 credits. Players from your team earn points based on their real life performance on the field.

If you think you can pick a better team than the professionals, prove it! Use your cricket knowledge and strategy to select players from the teams playing today, or throughout a tournament. You can change your selections at any time before the match begins.

Remember, this is a game of skill, and you will need to think really hard before selecting your team! Best of luck!

To play on Indus Games, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

1.Select a match

2.Create your team

3.Sign In and Join a league (You can sign in with Google or Facebook in seconds)

4.Win real cash and prizes!


How does this game work


Type of Points Points
Every run scored 1
Every boundary hit 2
Every six hit 3
Dismissal for duck -10
Bonus for Batsman not out 5
Strike rate below 100 -10
Strike rate between 100 and 149.99 0
Strike rate between 150 and 199.99 10
Strike rate between 200 and more 20
Bonus for scoring 25 Runs or higher 10
Bonus for scoring 50 Runs or higher 20
Bonus for scoring 75 Runs or higher 30


Type of Points Points
Every wicket taken 15
Every maiden over 20
Bonus for taking 3 wickets 20
Bonus for taking 4 wickets or higher 30
Economy rate below 5 20
Economy rate below 5 and 6.99 10
Economy rate below 7 and 8.99 0
Economy rate 9 or higher -10


Type of Points Points
Catch 10
Stump 15
Run Out 10
Note 1: Strike Rate will be calculated only if runs scored are 20 runs or higher
Note 2: Economy rate will be calculated only if over bowled are 3 overs or higher
Note 3: For Run Out, only the thrower will get the points. The Catcher will not get any points
Note 4: For scoring points for 'not out', the player should play atleast one ball
Note 5: The player that you select as Captain of your team will get 2 times the points (Excluding Bonus points) scored by him
Note 6: The player that you select as Vice Captain of your team will get 1.5 times the points (Excluding Bonus points) scored by him
Note 7: For Inplay Leagues there will be no bonus points
Note 8: There will be no points for Substitute players

How do I play on Indus Games?

Indus Games is a skill based fantasy cricket game. You can play online and win real cash and prizes. The steps are simple:

1. Select a match, it could be any of the matches coming up over the next few days. This will give you access to team selection for that match.

2. Select your team of 11 players from the two teams playing the match. You have 100 credits in your budget, and every player has a number of credits to his name.

3. Log in with Facebook or Google, it only takes a few seconds.

4. Join a free league with one click, or a paid league by depositing cash in the system. This allows for you to play for larger amounts of money, and you can use wallets, credit and debit cards, or netbanking to deposit securely and legally.

5. Once the match starts, your team starts to earn points on the basis on their real performance on the ground. The number of points earned by your team and your standing in the league, and each player’s performance is updated on the site every minute.

6. At the end of the match, the number of points won by your team, your standing in the league and your real cash winnings are declared and stored in your account.

7. You can withdraw your winnings at any time, all you need to do is put in a request, give us your PAN card details, and we’ll transfer the funds to your bank account or a wallet of your choice.

We hope you have fun playing the next match! We wish you the best of luck with your team selection.

Q. Can I pick any combination of batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders for my team?

A. Your team, like a real team, needs 11 players, and you must select at least 3 bowlers, 3 batsmen, 1 all rounder and at most 1 wicket keeper. The other 3 cricketers can be from any category, except wicket keepers of course.

Q. Can I choose all my cricketers from one team?

A. IndusGames, you can select a maximum of 7 cricketers from any one team.

Q. Why do I need to choose a Captain and Vice Captain in my fantasy team?

A. Your Captain earns twice the number of points, and Vice Captain earns 1.5 times the number of points as all the other players.

Q. Can I change my team?

A. Yes sir you can, as long as you change it before the cutoff time. Indus Games’s cutoff time is 30 minutes before the match. Until then, you can change the team, Captain, and Vice Captain, as many times as you want.

Q. Can I exceed budgets when playing on Indus Games?

A. One of the main skills involved, is picking the best team in the right budget. You are the owner of the team, and you’ve got the same budget as everyone else. This is what makes it fair competition, and a true test of skill.

Q. What happens if one of the cricketers I’ve chosen doesn’t play on that day? Do I get a refund for that player or the league?

A. Captain, if a player doesn’t play on any particular day, your team won’t earn any points for that player. You’ve got to stay updated with cricketers, their injuries, their movements on social media and of course on our own newsfeed.

Q. How can I see how much I would earn from a particular match, and what my rank is in the league?

A. In the My Leagues section, you will see the leagues you’ve joined, along with your rank in those leagues. By clicking on the league, you will see your projected winnings, your team, and the points they earn. You can even see other players teams from this section, and how many points they’ve earned, and where they stand.

The My Contests section has your projected winnings, which are based on your current standing in these leagues.

In play game

  • Inplay Leagues – gives the player additional engagement to participate in our fantasy leagues whilst the match is on.

  • There will be multiple leagues (in play) which are divided into slots

  • Slot is a group of overs clubbed together.

  • Players can create a maximum of one team per slot in a match.

  • Each T20 match has 2 innings. Each inning will be segregated into slots.

    T20 (3 Slots)

    1st INN:

    Slot 1- 0.1 to 10.0 overs |Slot 2- 10.1 to 20.0 overs

    2nd INN:

    Only Slot 3 - 0.1 to 10.0 overs

  • Every Slot closes at a particular time, mentioned below:

    Slot 1 Start of Match, 1st Innings
    Slot 2 1st Innings - 8.0 overs
    Slot 3 Start of 2nd Innings
  • Once a slot is live, the user will not be allowed to make any changes to their team.

  • For a slot to be valid:

    T20: 5 overs must be completed in that slot.

Team Creation

  • Team creation process is open only after the toss declares which team will bat first and second.

  • Teams created for each slot within a T20 match will be valid only for that slot.

  • The slot for selecting teams and joining paid leagues will be open right after the toss.

  • Players can create a maximum of one team per slot in a match.

  • The team per slot will have 4 players - 2 Players (from the batting team), 2 Players (from the bowling team).

  • Players will be asked to select a Captain and a Vice Captain

    Captain of the team will get 2 times the points and Vice Captain would get 1.5 times the points

  • The points system – the current points system applies

bat Match Points Chosen by
King P vs Delhi D 3rd odi 210 73%
King P vs Delhi D 3rd odi 210 73%
King P vs Delhi D 3rd odi 210 73%
King P vs Delhi D 3rd odi 210 73%
King P vs Delhi D 3rd odi 210 73%



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